Mideast Strife Is Cash Positive For US Natural Gas -- And Chinese Coal

This is how bad Middle East politics has gotten: Rather than buying energy from their neighbors, oil-exporting countries are importing natural gas all the way from America. Meanwhile, China is selling them coal, the only fossil fuel they lack.

BBC News

China's #holdmumshand campaign

A photo of President Xi Jinping visiting his mother has inspired people to reach out to loved ones.


This How Google Plans To Win Your Wallet

Google wants access to your payments data. And Tencent has already figured out how to do that. So the pair is teaming up.


Cryptocurrency Mining: Chip Makers Making Merry

Crypto mining as an industry has gained significant traction in recent times, thanks to the frenzy seen in the crypto markets in the past few months. The technology behind these chips is also undergoing rapid changes with a focus on reducing the electrical energy consumption

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