Peter Navarro, a Top Trade Skeptic, Is Ascendant

Peter Navarro, center, an economic advisor to President Trump during his campaign, with billionaire Mark Cuban, left. Navarro advocates tariffs on steel and withdrawing from some trade agreements, such as Nafta.


China poised to allow Xi to stay in power indefinitely

Proposal to eliminate presidential term limits comes amid consolidation of authorityChina edged closer to a return to one-man rule as the Communist Party prepared constitutional changes that would allow Xi Jinping to serve as president indefinitely.

BBC News

A Chinese move that many expected

China has proposed scrapping presidential limits. The BBC's Celia Hatton looks how it came about.

BBC News

China moves to let Xi extend rule

The Communist Party wants to scrap a two-term limit, seen as a move to keep Xi Jinping in office.

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